Congratulations to our fellow #AnakAnakMalaysia! These are the Top 30 Shortlist of National Geographic's Uncover Malaysia #BetterMeBetterMalaysia Photo Competition 2019.

Come see ALL the Shortlisted photos at National Geographic's Uncover Malaysia Photo Exhibition at EcoWorld #AnakAnakMalaysia Merdeka Celebrations this Saturday, 31 August 2019 onwards at Ardence Labs @ Eco Ardence.

Syadan bin Ginu

Malaysian culture is very close to nature. Just look at the little boy who is really excited and happily playing in crystal clear water in the river. This young soul will appreciate nature and culture until adulthood.

Muhammad Aiman bin Roslan

The best time in a person's life is the time to enjoy the freedom that he has made for himself.

Muhammad Amerrudin bin Kattni

Keringat di bumi Merdeka.


Zaini Ariff
Sometimes the best thing you can do is relax.


Ammar Faridzuan bin Che Ahmad
With flora and fauna all around, we are a rich rainforest country. Take a deep breath and start to explore our future.


Mohd Nazri bin Sulaiman
When we choose nature as friends. Two young ladies with our national flag enjoying themselves playing on a beautiful, clean beach in Terengganu. This is what we will have when we care to take care of nature for the next generation.